Logo Designs

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Here are the initial logo designs for my 'Get Kids Growing´service... please let me know your comments.... :)



Tamlin,... my favs are the red one with the pepper, and if u can change some of the letters to green, i think it will be even nicer.... and the round one next to it, with the tomato in the circle... great job tho..

Asli Ozpehlivan

You are working on the logo, nice improvement :) i liked the very last one on the left. May be you can try to simplify the shapes, more graphic rather than realistic. but very good ideas here.

Peter Smith

I like the one with the tomato in the word ‘growing’ and the red pepper, it looks bold and fun.


Like the one with the tomato and the pepper as well, there's something about the bottom one with leaf as the O, that I also like! They all look really cool though

Emil Talev

the red one with tomato and pepper as well. could the pepper replace some other letter, like the tomato has replaced the "o"?

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