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I am really interested in the idea of children growing their own food, all kids love playing with mud and around in gardens. Although this is already something that the supermarkets back, I think that if they actually sold the produce that the children grow, it would be of greater benefit to the local community, and more incentive to the supermarkets to push the campaign further. This is the idea I want to explore further.

I have contacted the organisation 'Learning outside the classroom' as they do a great deal of charity work with youths. I would like to find out the success of their programs, get some feedback on the idea, and hopefully some more contacts whose brains I can pick!!

I have also requested some information from Morrisons about 'Lets Grow'.
They seem a bit biased on the website, stating the project is hugely successful, I would like to find out if this is really the case.

Getting kids on my side is a huge part of my project. I have got in contact with all the children I can, as well as parents, to find out about eating habits, whether they know how to grow fruit and veg, as well as to gain feedback on the idea of children growing their own food to sell.

Results will be posted soon :-)


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