Exhibition Visits - TASK 6

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On the 20th November, the class went on a trip to 3 museums, the first being the V & A. There was an amazing variation of artwork, including paintings, textiles, jewelery and even a car!

The detail in the paintings are incredibly intricate, and really made an impact. The colour red was something that I noticed is a ruling factor in this rich culture.

And, then there was the 234 carat yellow diamond! Which I imagine all the girls hearts skipped a beat at.

The next exhibition was the welcome wing at the science museum, and apart from taking a trip to the moon and feeling sea sick, it was really fun.

There were many interactive installations which you could participate with, showing how technology, especially touch-screens, is evolving.

By the time we got to the Natural History Museum´s Darwin Centre, we were all pretty exhausted. So it was a positive aspect that, once again, this exhibition was interactive and kept our attention.

As we entered we were all given a card, which could save a certain digital aspects of the exhibition on and revisit later online.

There were many touch screens providing information on different creepy crawlies which was fascinating... the touch screens... not the creepy crawlies.


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