20/20 Presentation - Face and body painting

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I have been doing face and body painting for a good few years now, so when the opportunity to do a presentation on a collection that interests me, it was the first thing that came to mind. The definition is the artistic application of cosmetic paint to ones face and body, and has been used since ancient times for hunting, religious and military reasons.

I focused the presentation on more present times, referring to hippies at Woodstock and such musicians ad¡s David Bowie, Arthur Brown and Kiss. Moving onto my own designs when I have worked at festivals such as Glastonbury and Reading, performance art theatres and London Zoo.

There are many popular designs I have been asked to paint: Cats, butterflies, flower detailing to name but a few. Although the queen of body painting has to be Joanne Gair, who has painted many famous celebrities including Demi Moore, Elle Macpherson and many a Sports Illustrated Model. Mabe one day someone will trust me enough to paint their whole body! watch this space...


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