Inspiring designers - TASK 1

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Storm Thorgerson

Storm Thorgerson, a key member of graphic art group Hipgnosis, has designed some of the most famous single and album covers.

Album covers have always interested me as a visual medium. A way of showing music in a 2D form. What interests me about his work is the way he plays with reality and angles, to create intriguing images.

He mainly uses photography and logo design to achieve this 'visual world' often placing objects out of context, creating the surreal bend his work is renowned for.

Neville Brody

Being an avid reader of "The Face", it was more their content than design that first interested me. Although, it was their design that made me want to keep them, and re-look at them for inspiration, rather than re-read them.

Neville Brody´s bold typographic use in the magazine frames the pages, and created a look and feel which stayed with the magazine till its demise in 2004. He uses the layouts as a kind of type 'experiment' and it is this style that drew me to his work.


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